Camicia Donna Floral II


Whether you're heading home for a family affair or catching up with the girls, this shirt is sure to steal the show.
 A slightly tapered silhouette and the combination of small back darts create a trimmer look than the classic fit that looks good even without a jacket without sacrificing comfort because of the stretch oxford fabric. 

The Oxford shirt can be traced back to 19th century Scotland, where local mills were experimenting with different weaves and producing original fabrics. Four of these new types of cloth were named after the most prestigious universities of the day: Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford.

Single Button Classic French Collar
Single Button Placket No Contrast
Super Oxford Cotton 
Dark Purple Cuff Contrast
Multicoloured Grey and Blue Floral


Spray collars and cuffs with stain remover, if heavily stained. Wash garment inside out on gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Never put in dryer. Iron.

Should you wish to have the shirt  dry cleaned, ask that the shirts be laundered as oppose to dry cleaning, as colours may fade.

Size and Fit

Please be advised that European sizing tend to be smaller than North American. Don’t be alarmed by the numbers! Order what you think fits best!

                              SFC63_1B_AT_2 - OX4006FSG0U0


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